Top Things to Do in the Cameron Highlands

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Top Things to Do in the Cameron Highlands

Long ago, the Cameron Highlands were viewed as an place in Malaysia, an area isolated from rainforests and the jungles. Although the British were able to split a route through the jungle which enabled William Cameron to learn more about the hills in southern Malaysia in 1885, it wasn’t until 1925 that the United Kingdom discovered the very best things to do in the Cameron Highlands were really possible.

Mossy Forest

For the British, this meant other plants and tea. The lands of the Cameron Highlands proved fertile to the tea which the British had grown in Asia for decades, and they have stayed that way ever since.

Strawberry Farms

Tea Plantation

The Cameron Highlands produce 60% of all Malaysian tea, along with also the tea that comes from this area would be worth the trip to Malaysia by itself. Today, the Cameron Highlands stay a agricultural, slower-paced area, but it is definitely not lacking in things to do. Here are a few of the greatest steps to take in this area!

Top Things to Do in the Cameron Highlands

Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm

This is one area that will definitely speak to you, if you’re seeking to really escape from the fast paces of life personally. The Highlands’ warmer climates create the ideal atmosphere for a compact forest that allow you adopt becoming one with nature and to immerse yourself. A area that’s near the rainforests’ warmth imply that the forest floor is soft and moist, allowing you to leave your mark.

Uncle Chow Kopitiam

Up Gunung Irau, the Maximum mountain in the Cameron Highlands, the Trails of the Mossy Forest lead into a Road for a view of the Hills in the Region.

Gunung Irau is about a climb from foot therefore it is best to just enjoy the view and render specialists the rise unless you’re a regular at climbing mountains.

The Lakehouse

Tea is the crop of choice here, but is not easy to beat if it comes to matters to do at the Cameron Highlands, picking your own strawberries. Thanks to a new improvements, strawberries from the Cameron Highlands are recognized as some of the most popular and strawberries in Asia.

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Year round in Malaysia grows, and also at a few of the farms in the area, such as the Big Red Strawberry Farm, you can pick your own strawberries for a charge. If you’re a lover of berries, this is.

Top Things to Do in the Cameron Highlands

We’ve put the appeal off into the Cameron Highlands for long enough, but does not indicate it’s not true only because it’s well-known. The BOH Tea Plantation is the biggest producer of black tea in Malaysia, which makes about 4 thousand kilograms of tea each year. That makes up roughly 70 percent along with the weather of the highlands produces a tea that is delicious by itself or with sugar and milk added.

You’ll get to see how tea goes from Malaysia’s area to producing the delicious beverage which is enjoyed in cafes around Malaysia and around the world and eventually becoming tea. With tastes such as Palas Supreme and the Cameronian Gold accessible, you’ll have no lack of options in getting a genuine taste of Malaysia.

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What goes better with tea than honey? This bee farm does create the sweet stuff, it is also famous for producing royal jelly and pollen, each of which are in high demand in Malaysia. You’ll have to watch honey bees within a pure environment and see exactly the way honey and other products are made prior to getting a chance to purchase a while.

Exterior of seeing the bees at work, you will have to go through the challenge of finding your route through Malaysia maze, all without paying a cent since the rat farm is free.

This is only one of those places to go if you’re searching for Malaysian cuisine. The history of malaysia means that its cuisine from Dutch, Indian, British and Chinese cultures from before the days of colonial rule. Nasi lamak, a rice dish made with coconut milk and pandan leaves is a popular staple here, and it is regarded as the national dish of Malaysia.

Whatever you select, each dish is homemade from your wife and husband team in control of the restaurant, along with using a little menu, they have chosen to focus on what they create best, which means anything you order is sure to be fantastic.

No listing of the things could be complete with no wonderful spot to stay, along with also the Lakehouse is an excellent spot to spend throughout your visit. The Lakehouse was constructed in the first days of Malaysia’s independence in 1966, but it retains several instances of impacts.

The hotel is done in a style that was British and even comes with a daily tea time, that offers guests complimentary tea. Together with a lake, blossoms and trees surrounding the hotel, it is a great place to unwind and be certain you’re prepared and refreshed to see all that the Cameron Highlands has to offer you!

The Cameron Highlands is a must see while vacationing in Malaysia. In the Mosey Forest, to trying Strawberries, Tea and Honey at the farms and plantations throughout the area Next time you see Kuala Lumpur have a weekend escape (3 hour drive) to this beauty area of Malaysia. Have you ever been to even the Cameron Highlands or Malaysia? What did you believe?

Top Things to Do in the Cameron Highlands